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Color: Brown Highlights with Red Tint

Brown Highlights with Red Tint
Buttery Blonde
Cream Blonde
Ivory Blonde
Light Brown with Highlights
Natural Dark Brown
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 1. Hair Topper: Our hair topper perfectly suit for women with short thinning hair or grey hair. The pixie cut hair topper instantly add a touch of glamour to your look. effortlessly enhancing your hairstyle with substantial coverage.

2.Seamless Blending: Our hair toppers for women designed with a slight tease in the front to get a natural look.seamlessly blend with your existing hair. creating a flawless. undetectable finish.

3.Breathable Design: Our hair topper with a 7x7inch large coverage and breathable base. You can enjoy comfort all day long with it. ensuring proper ventilation while maintaining a secure fit.

4.Easy Application: The short hair toppers for women come with 3 secure clips for easy application. Simply clip them onto your existing hair just need a few seconds. and enjoy a quick and hassle-free transformation.

5. Low-Maintenance Beauty: Enjoy the convenience of low-maintenance styling – our hair topper with micro curl itself. just grab it casually with your hand can get a charming hairstyle. Requiring minimal effort for a consistently stunning appearance.